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UFOs & XlisProject

Based on my own true stories, of ufo sightings and my life from 6 years old as an experiencer. Now a 49 year old woman living in a small Chinese Buddhist fishing village - Pui O San Wai, Lantau Island, Hong Kong - where close encounters exist and multiple people having sightings out to the South China Sea - the beautiful beach of Pui O and the light show of foo fighters approaching from the sky and traveling inland.

I am now ready to share, to help others whom are experiencers in a positive light and with a diplomatic agenda of humans connecting, communicating with beings, travelers from the universe.

As a diplomatic conversation of peace, understanding. A diplomat representing earth and humanity. Calling out to connect and experience the universe.

Documenting and debunking the sightings. Recording on film, physically researching the evidence. The experiencers have an opportunity to have support, understanding. Without judgment, clarity that's positive - "to have a voice to be heard."

Xlisproject is about "having a voice on our craft - Spaceship Earth."

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