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Claire Graham is a naturally gifted psychic and medium who both empowers and brings comfort to those who seek her out. She guides those who have lost their bearings and channel messages from those who have dearly departed. She also is able to tune in on the sub conscious needs of her clients’ with accuracy and compassion. All in all, Claire is both a compelling healer and perceptive medium and without question, an invaluable guide in the spiritual realm.

Ong Chin Huat – Writer & Stylist, Malaysia


I am John, from the UK. I am 48 years old,married with 3 kids and now residing in Singapore. I first met Claire in 2000 and immediately made a connection, and over the years I have spoken with her from time to time, not just when I encounter personal problems, but for general life guidance. Claire’s spiritual gift is immediately obvious and she has the rare ability to blend empathy with frankness as she guides her clients, identifies the issues they face and how best to deal with them.  She is also extremely patient and gave me as much time as I needed. She has a rare insight and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual help when facing issues.

                                                                                                                   John M, Singapore


My name is Christopher, I live in Hong Kong. Since the end of last year I've been going through a lot of transformation. Love lost, job uncertainty, traveling, health issues. I had the feeling I wasn't in control of my life. What I was able to get out of the sessions with Claire is that I'm not alone, I have family looking after me. I am on the right path. I wanted to be sure I was on the right path. She’s given me the reassurance that I needed.

Christopher, USA, Aug 2018 


I heard about Claire over 20 years ago when she became popular among professional Japanese careerwomen in Hong Kong as a very accurate psychic and medium. My first reading was amazing! She read my mind and give me answers without asking any questions! Meeting with her on a regular basis makes me feel comfortable and calm to face some challenges I had to face. Especially during most difficult time when I lost family members back to back...Brother, Father, Mother...I could not express and I did not ask her anything about what happened / what I wanted to know but she connect to the lost loved ones I needed to hear from. It really helped me to go through and I have nothing but appreciation for her assistance.I know what I should do most of the time however I believe her advice makes my life less confusing and guides it in the right direction.

                                            MK, Tokyo   


I was indirectly introduced to Claire by a psychologist friend of mine back in 1991. The professional card she gave me described Claire as a “Psychic Counsellor”.  My life was a mess and I needed healing both mentally and physically so, despite my own reservations, I booked a private consultation with her. I was skeptical but went along for the appointment because I had already tried the GP, Church counsellor and therapist route and they just didn’t work for me. I was delighted with the result. Claire was warm, approachable yet very practical about the help she could give. Using her own individual style of intuitive counselling and psychic ability she enabled me to make my own decisions and plan a new life ahead. She gave me the hope and belief that all really would work out in the future. The taped 1 ½ hour session (Claire didn’t watch the clock as others had done) has been a constant guide, support and comfort for me over many years. Her positive and supportive words gave me confidence in myself and my future: she helped me to heal. I have traveled widely and worked in education for the whole of my career. I retired from my position as Deputy Principal of St. Christopher’s School, Penang, Malaysia and after a period in the UK returned to do a final contract with Yew Chung School in Kowloon Tong. I now run my own private tutoring and Creative English workshops from my home here in Sai Kung. Over the years I have recommended Claire to colleagues and friends and would do so again unreservedly: she has a very special gift.

                                                                                                                                                                    RG, Penang 

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