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Thoughtful look


Your son is not sleeping, his grades are getting worse.Waking up in the mornings a struggle for him, and you are having conversations, about the same issues over and over again, about his behaviour and attitude.You try to understand, but its hard !
He tell's you "Mum, i have a friend, who stands in my bedroom, he sits on the end of my bed, and he is see-through, like a ghost!
" He appears, and walks out of the wardrobe, he talks to me all night, sometimes mum he's very naughty."I am very scared of him" i do not understand, what he wants? 

Your daughter, is scared to sleep at the night-time, she lives in fear, of the spirit lady, that stands at the edge of her room, close to her bed.Your child is so upset, and traumatised, by this ghostly visitation.She has stopped eating.At bed-times, she completely refuses to sleep alone in her bedroom.Your daughter is now sleeping on a bed that has been placed on your bedroom floor.Sometimes so frightened by the spirits in your family home, she's now sleeping in your bed, with you, every-night.She insists that all of the lights stay on permanently.You and your family, are exhausted from the nightly terrors, from the ghostly hauntings.As a parent, you now feel, frightened for your child's safety, you do not understand what is happening to your child, to your home, and to your family? 

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