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"Close To The Ground" Paranormal Investigators Asia " We Care about you"

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

House Clearings combined with rescue mediumship, are only a small part of investigating a location. We are interested in investigating, full bodied apparitions, and disembodied voices, know as EVPs. Poltergeist activity in a location can be connected to children, know as PK energies ( PSYCHIC KINETIC ENERGIES ).

We all have our own families and taking care of them, is our priority, in all of our investigations. Our number one goal, and mission is to protect your family!

Even an empty location like a field, or those thick dense beautiful woods can be haunted, whether the land was once occupied by human beings or not. Spirit activity can still occur, not all hauntings are from ex-human beings. The land may now hold and house, empty old, battered housing, and people may well be experiencing high strangeness, on that land. Intensely scary energies that are negative and threatening. New buildings may have been built upon the land that is still holding negative energies, from the past traumas that are stuck. Buried in the grounds that lay under the properties, that are holding horrible vibrations that could be life threatening to human beings, who reside there. Layered with deep and tragic energies that are lost within the multiple dimensions of time, that have pasted on by, that have reached deep into the soils, staining the earth, that you now live on.

Your home's, shopping mall's, and your office space's, can be wide open to unwanted negative energies. We will investigate any haunted location, on this planet, in our mission to help both the living and the dead. We will sit down with your requests, and review the cases, to see if, we first can debunk the paranormal happenings. Our initial first review will be to assess, and understand if there is a natural cause for the weird feelings and sounds. Debunking what we can in an effort to help you, putting your minds at ease within in your chosen locations. Old house's have old electrics, and with those nearby 5G power lines that can effect certain people. Bad wiring and nasty plumbing, can look and sound like a ghosty haunting, and in fact it could be as simple as the house is old.....  

These include derelict spaces, ruins of a time gone by. Layers of time can stack up, energies of all the people who have lived through all the passages of history upon our planet, experiencing life and death, leave us with gifts and not all the knowledge that they leave behind is loving or kind. Souls upon souls seep into the stones living in the walls, creating the phenomena of the stone tape theory. Sometimes sitting, waiting in the bricks of houses, and factories for hundreds of years, stirred up by contractors who are remodelling the stone and mortar's of the buildings, that are now experiencing paranormal activities. Huge atmospheric strange energies, start to be felt, and like peeling an after skin, leaving behind, imprints of emotions, stuck in vibrational frequencies that are felt by the living. Psychological thoughts and energies, run wild in the mind's of the living who start to feel fearful, attacked by the invisible spirits. Left behind these souls, try to make their stories heard to the living about their lives, attempting to write in people's beliefs, looking for compassion and help. Deeply digging with a spiritual spade into the earth!. Transferring energies, through to all the elements, metal, water, wood, fire, and earth, our dead try hard to communicate their messages to all those who can hear, and see them.

Looking at all cultures with their ghostly hauntings, the many different languages that are spoken around the world hold no limitations for us when investigating in other countries. We are not held back by the barriers of the normal and logical. When dealing with the dead of the world. We can investigate all situations, and circumstances, that's both weird and spooky, along with high strangeness and freak-in magic! Our teams of investigators are full of passion, working with kindness, we are all committed individuals in our mission, to find proof, for all concerned. We are here to help you, and to make a difference in your lives... 

If debunked, we can safely say " You do not have to live in fear ! " " You are safe in your forever home " We will bring in solutions, ideas, recommending a plan of action, to regain ownership of your home again. Making positive suggestions for you!, your loved ones, your family, and friends. We care................

Please note if demonic entities, energies are in existence, or an infestation of demonic souls, are in play in your space - this is also something we would tackle. Approaching the situation, in a well informed manner with our investigators. Now on a mission, working on-site, ready to work, bringing in other professionals equipped to deal with such entities. We will work with the people residing in that space, guiding and helping you. If necessary we will recommend other experts in the field. Who we believe you need. This includes making a well informed opinion, that might sometimes mean that it would be the best for you and your family to move, home!

" Ownership of your space, is vital to your families happiness "

We aim to get you to this level of awareness and understanding, so you are in charge of your space again. We will bring in a team, set up during the day with our equipment, interview you about the happenings, and all the paranormal activity within your home. We will get organised, and ready to do a lockdown at night. This may involve an overnight lockdown, where we stay in your property - looking for uninvited open portals, and unwanted vibrational negative threatening energies.

Hot spots, such as open portals. Door ways that have been opened by other people and not closed off properly, that may exist within your home, we will investigate all of these phenomenon.  Filming will take place with a professional crew ( with your permission ) Gathering history from local historians, recording audio material, such as EVPs, and collecting evidence using modern technologies. " We are passionate about all of our cases, and we care " 


Please contact us on admin@ Telephone area code ( 852 ) 96637730

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