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"Close To The Ground" Paranormal Investigators Asia

House Clearings combined with rescue mediumship is only part of investigating a location. Mostly what we are looking at and interested in are haunted full bodied apparitions (or floating in thin air) and disembodied voices. Poltergeist activity in a location can be connected to children. We have our own families also and our children are the priority. Our number one goal is always to protect families with children.

An empty location whether housing, a building, a home, a shopping mall - there are no locations on the planed that we would not sit down and review to see if we first can debunk it in terms of natural causes, old house electrics, nearby power lines, etc. 

Derelict spaces, housing ruins of a time gone by where layers of time and passages of souls are layered upon each other. Creating huge atmospheric energies and like an after skin of emotions and psychological energies written in people's beliefs and hammered into the soil, wood, metals of structures still standing.

Looking at all cultures and languages of all types, having no boundaries we can investigate all - happy with our team of passionate, happy, kind and committed individuals who make up out team. If debunked, we can say "You do not have to live in fear, you are safe in your dream home." Then great, if not, we will bring in solutions and recommend ideas / suggestions for you and your loved ones and family / friends.

We care.

Please note if demonic entities / energies are in existence, in play in a space - this is also something we would tackle and approach in a well informed manner with our investigators' mission on-site to work with the people residing in that space and guide / help you whilst living with the dead. Bringing in if necessary the experts needed to move you and your home, or even your work space / land into a new light and in this light lifted and enlightened / ascended with your ownership finally back in your hands. 

Ownership of your space, your family and kids is so important.

We aim to get you to this awareness and understanding. We will bring in a team, set up during the day, interview you and do a lockdown at night - looking at hot spots. Filming, gathering, recording material / evidence using modern technology because we are passionate and we care. 

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