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Claire Graham is a natural psychic and medium who has been using her abilities since a very early age. Even as a toddler she had regular conversations with her Great Grandmother who had died before Claire was even born, and at school she used to do readings for her classmates. 


Claire is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, meaning that she sees, hears and feels the spirits who are passing on messages. Claire focuses on the pictures which allow her to concentrate and the messages to come through clearly, from her guides and spirit world.Working  internationally with clients, providing the added services of intuitive counselling, and marriage counselling, grief counselling.She has developed a method of working, after 37 years of being in practise as a psychic and medium, communicating with the spirits and your loved ones.Gaining noesis, through experience and having developed her skills, in a natural progression from working as a medium.Claire then she moved into grief counselling, expanding her repertoire, into intuitive counselling.

  It is all about the client!
Getting you all of those results!
philosophy, and number 1 rule is to work with KINDNESS.


Claire is an extremely talented psychic and medium, who has astounded many clients with her accuracy and personal details that she has received through spirit. She is also in great demand by the media and has been featured in a variety of publications including Newsweek, Easy-finder, South China Morning Post, EQ Magazine and HK Magazine, and numerous European publications.She has appeared several times on television, she is a remarkable teacher & angel.

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