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 Do you believe your house is haunted ?

 Does your house, have strange cold spots, 
and weird
 heavy energies. In certain rooms,
or an unwelcoming presence.

Do you have continual issues, with the electricity, or your water supply in your home,
for no logical reasons, at all.
Do you hear unusual sounds, footsteps that walk,
 your hall ways that are disembodied, loud bangs, knocks, and horrid bad smells, that stink, like rotten eggs, or sulphur.
Smells that 
cannot be explained !
 Claire, and her team can help you, and your family,
to take control of the energies, that 
exist, with-in your home again. 
 once again in a calm, and peaceful, happy environment.
Claire along with her team, will come to your home to investigate, the possible haunting.  
Where upon in a 
consultation, she will assist you, in resolving the issues, of the paranormal activity. Within your abode.  
After eliminating, all other causes?
debunking, all other likelihood's.
ith the help of her spirit guides. Claire will seek to understand, after communicating to the spirits, of the house, who is a ghostly presence. And why the spirit's, are making their vibrational, frequencies, felt in your space. This may mean, helping move the spirit's over, to the other side, into the light, and possibly working with you, to accommodate the spirits. For you might, want to coexist,
living in harmony together.
( Please note, that not all spirits, move on willingly ) 
 We will Communicate, and move the dead on, you're ghosts, that reside in your home. Moving them on, may not happen, in just one visit. Several visits, might be required, to clear the spirits, and all of the residual energies, that lay within your house.
This Depend's on how many spirits, are affecting the property.  
Claire will sit down, with you and your family, to start with.
She may ask, you and your
 family to leave your abode,
for your safety.

 So she can clear the residence properly, 
of all unwelcome 
negative energies.
Afterwards, Claire will sit down, once again, with the clients of the property, to talk about her findings, and to discuss,
if any more follow up visits, are required. 

Claire and her team, will come with a plan of action, leaving you and your family members, with very clear instructions, moving you forwards, towards maintaining a calm, and permeant happy household. Measures that will need to take, to keep your home, and family safe, and clear of negative energies.  
 Helping you, and teaching you, so that you can do, the house cleansing's yourself, maintaining positive energies, and keeping clear higher vibration's, in your home, forever. 
To live in, peace and joy, living in a, loving home again,
refreshed and restored, aligned with the light, once again.

Love & Light  

 Claire Graham
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