Do you believe your house is haunted.
Does your house feel really cold, heavy or unwelcoming.

Do you have continual issues with the electricity or water.

Do you hear unusual sounds, knocks, smells that cannot be explained
Claire and her team can help and want you to be able
to live in a calm peaceful state in your home

Claire with her team can come to analyse the situation and upon consultation will assist you in resolving the situation. After eliminating all other causes, Claire, with the help of her spirit guides, will understand who and why the spirit is making their presence felt. This may mean helping move the spirit over to the other side or working with you to accommodate the spirit (as not every spirit will not move on willingly.) 
This may not happen in one visit and may take several visits to clear the spirits & residual energy from your place depending on how many spirits are affecting the property. Claire will sit down with the property dwellers to start with, and then will ask them to leave the residence. So she can properly clear the residence of all unwelcome energy. Afterwards she will sit down with the property dwellers to discuss her findings and any follow ups if required.
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