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Now at Peace

Claire is an excellent medium and psychic and she gave me a very important message from my deceased ex-husband which resolved a situation for my children and myself when he was alive living with us. We are now at peace. I recommend Claire to help you clarify and guide you in various situations in your life - once you see things clearly you can deal with them.

Carmel Greenwood, London

My Confider and Guide 

This is a true testament to, Claire Graham. My Confider and Guide.I am very lucky to have Claire Graham in my life, for 24 years since 1991.  Claire is a unique individual in every way and an inspiring human being. A wonderful listener when you feel life is muddled, whatever the circumstance she has a way of unraveling your thoughts and getting to the specific point, connecting with you and giving you true factual information.  Claire has a rare gift for coaching people,  in spirituality and awareness and in medium ship.  Claire’s unbelievable advice and enlightening guidance, her strength and encouragement, has helped me over two decades in every part of my life; to tackle different circumstances from professional guidance to personal.  It could be a year or sometimes two that we have not connected but when I know I need to speak with her, my session is always unbelievable and rewarding. I have been listening and working with Claire when I was living in Hong Kong and Singapore and now for 13 years in New York City. There is no one quite like her for me to chat with in the utmost confidence that understands me in every way.For the people that have the opportunity to work with Claire, you are in exceptional hands. Her approach is professional, unique yet comforting and retained in the utmost confidence.


Clare Cook, New York 


Clarity and Insight

In the 35 years that I spent living in Hong Kong, until my relocation to Australia 7 years ago, Claire has been, and continues to be a significant part of my life. I have seen Claire for 10 years whilst I was in Hong Kong, and continue to see her in my yearly visits to Hong Kong, as well as regular phone sessions in Australia. Over this time Claire has given me clarity and insight, as well as encouragement, guidance and direction. I strongly feel that these sessions have empowerered and inspired me to look at the bigger picture, in addition to further utilising and believing in my skills. These sessions have facilitated me to recently under go a counselling degree at university. I strongly reccomened seeking Claire's service for exploring and learning about your feelings and experiences of life.


Lisa, Brisbane   

Most Valuable and Helpful

I first went to see Claire about a year after the sudden death of my beloved husband. I was not there to ask her to relay messages from him, as I did not want to intrude on his process and I knew that if he wanted to give me a message, he would. At that point in my journey, what I really needed was help with finding a way forward in life for myself. 


Seeing Claire was probably the single most valuable and helpful thing I did for myself in that long year. Not only was she able to give me very clear and useful practical help, she also very quickly received messages from my husband that only he and I could have understood, which gave me the most enormous sense of relief, release, consolation, understanding and deep solace.


Claire is a deeply empathetic person – a genuine human being – whose advice was grounded, down-to-earth and entirely appropriate. As soon as I met her, I felt that I’d known her for ages, and more to the point, that she knew me very well indeed. It was as if she could see right into me, into my essence, behind the veil of grief and bewilderment. I felt totally accepted; I was not judged nor preached to. Nothing she said seemed trite or bizarre; everything felt right and real.


I then saw Claire a second time a few weeks later, when she made the enormous effort to come all the way to my home, involving a ferry journey and a long walk up a very steep hill in the heat and humidity. I needed help with a specific situation, which was that three months after my husband died, a semi-feral dog turned up in my life, who immediately adopted my other dog as his Grumpy Older Sister. This dog (who I subsequently officially adopted, once we’d found his chip and heard a little of his story) settled in to being like any other normal domestic dog, except for one thing. He would not, could not, bear to come up the stairs to live inside our flat. He would get part way up, freak out before the first landing, and run out again. Mostly he lived in the jungle next to our block, which terrified me as there are snakes, wild boar, all manner of dangers. Claire came at my request to check the energies in the house and to communicate with this dog. 


To my great relief, she was certain there were no negative entities or energies acting as obstacles, but rather this dog is extremely sensitive to EMFs – and three electric boxes for the three floors in the block exactly faced the first landing. Also, she discovered that the jungle was a huge energy portal that needed to be closed. I went away for a month soon after that, and on my return discovered that this dog no longer went into the jungle, but instead stays right at the bottom of the staircase into my flat, or very close by. He still won’t come to live inside (yet!), but he does now eat on the last step before the landing, plus since Claire’s visit he has made enormous progress in coming over to me to be scratched and stroked; he never goes off on his own, but is always there and right by our side for our two daily walks and the evening stroll. 


I am very careful about who I work with – and actually retain a healthy dose of scepticism – but I will absolutely continue to work with Claire as she is the ‘real deal’ and I have total trust in her and her amazing abilities.  


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