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Crime Scene Tape

Missing Person, Unsolved Murder Case or Missing Pet

Claire with her team, will work together, with the clients, to help and gather detailed information, on unsolved crimes, like missing persons,  
lost children, missing pets, homicides and cold cases.

Claire, prefers to work with no knowledge of the current case, at all. 
In regards to the crime. After meeting the clients, and with only the first name, & photo. Claire will tune into the energy, from the name and photo of the victim. Receiving, information directly from the victim. 
This will include clues, that may have been missed, by the authorities. 
She will provide, additional information, and possibly a new angle, in the  case of the unsolved crime.

She will document, & relay all of the information, that she receives, from the dead, to the family. To law enforcement people, involved with the inquiry. Helping those people, involved with dealing with all of the leads, with new and important information, on the cases that are ongoing or cold cases.

Claire can work remotely, providing information to clients online, and by phone. In certain cases, a on site visit, may be required.

Claire, and her team approach, each case, with dignity & respect.
 Her goal, and mission, is to give you the answers, you so desperately need.
For more information and details 
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 love & light
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