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Tarot Cards

OK, favourite questions asked in a Tarot session are...

There are two areas no matter what age you are, with the exception of toddlers but with today's world I think and know that even two year olds have pretend boyfriends / girlfriends. The games your children play and create in their imagination and on their smartphones, smart pads are all geared towards relationships or your two year olds start in our world we all share has driven, created this paradigm shift into a very grown up world.

These two areas are Love and Money, or Money and Love...there's a difference...

If you don't have love and you have money that's your focus - love and relationships. If you have love and no money, money is and becomes the focus. When people have both, after awhile if they are not feeding spiritually, emotionally and intellectually their mind turns inwards and starts to eat at their own happiness and world that they have created. Turning small issues, ideas into amazingly huge problems.  

I sometimes wonder are we designed or so determined to eat when hungry, when full, when content and when we have manifested all our bucket lists, all our dreams? Is it that if we are not aware of our evolution - even if you say oh no I am happy or I like my life.

From my experience as a card reader (which also like the mediumship and other abilities) spans a period actually since I was 12-13 years old. By the time I was 17 I was professionally working in a centre in Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Now called by professionals in my industry a "Psychic Noah" - which is given by people in my field to a person whose experience is over 35 years in practice. It's a compliment but not to be taken lightly because our experience level is not always positive or loving. We have dealt with good and very bad situations / circumstances. Called in because of our years of experience.

Tarot for me is a visual aid that just allows me to do my stuff- to use my abilities with speed and use a completely different language than the other types of spiritual work I do. 

It is the language of Tarot that is descriptive and clear. The cards help the clients to focus and yet go into another space calm and a meditative creative world. People like Tarot because of its old roots - it is considered ancient and powerful yet there's a fun aspect to it. 

Most importantly the information is helpful and guidance life-changing, even if at first not registered. It sinks in and your mind starts to compute the reading. 

There is an after effect with this, clients feel a positive energy and an empowering electric charge that leaves you just feeling good. It is ideal for any simple questions you have or a friend to learn and use as a personal tool to develop and coach yourself.

I see Tarot as a very grounded tool, like rune stones or reading tea leaves. Something about Tarot that says it's about life on this planet and nature, elements,hate, love, cruelty, kindness, etc. Its polar opposites that exist in this world and the Spirit world. It's about the realm and all the natural world - the forests, seas, air and multiple elements. It's also about the Magic in life - the magic the exists in everything...sparks of light, divine universal energy, light vibrations that are magical and angelic in form.

We will deal with the distant past, the recent past, last three months that has just gone by. The near future, three months going into the future and the dreams, hopes, goals of the Client, you. The final outcome is never the sole ending as the next card is waiting and that's what makes Tarot magical.

Tarot is a little Magic in your life !

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