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Tarot Cards & Sessions

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

OK, favourite questions asked in a Tarot session are...

If you don't have love and you have money, then love is your focus and relationships. If you have love and no money, money becomes the focus. When people have both, after a while if they are not feeding their souls spiritually, or emotionally and intellectually the mind will turn inwards and start to eat a way at all your happiness. Destroying the world that you have created. Turning small issues, and thoughts into amazingly huge problems, now driven and created by you this paradigm shift starts to occur with you no longer in charge. Our children today deal with adult issues, before computers, awareness of sensitive, grown up information such as money, intimate love relationships, did not happen until a certain age.Now our young live on phones, pads, as do most adults, technology that exists today makes children grow up faster. Most of the time, without the emotional communication to understand the connection that is being sold to them through play, making their world a very grown up world, to live in. Many parents over the years have asked me ' HOW CAN I HELP MY CHILD TO DEVELOP BETTER COMMUNICATION SKILLS " The children become adults, and having been exposed to too much information from all directions, bombarded and now overwhelmed, along with energies that aren't filtered that they do not know how to process, our children are lost. Some of these children are now adults, who are desperate to understand the big question, who am i ?.Having not developed an ability to have good emotional communication with their inner selves, it has become increasing hard for these kids to communicate to anybody at all.Driving them to look within, and seeking out tools like the tarot, just as i did as a child. Seen as a card game the true meaning of the magical and ancient Tarot seemingly got lost for a while.The great advancements that the age of technology has bought about, are vast and with out any doubts, have made the world a faster paced place to live in. And a much smaller planet to explore...The Tarot has returned with a kind, and positive elemental type of energy, drawing the young and older wise owls into the art of divination again.People who are looking to align with nature, and to ground themselves, moving away from the fast paced computerised age.The Tarot is not unlike computers or the internet, with the ability to give fast information, about all sorts of life questions that one might have, searching as you would do on the various search engines on your tech,Tarot is the original oracle. So if your child of nine or ten asks for Tarot cards, let them learn how to use them," GET THEM INTO A WORKSHOP ", the Tarot is a safe and a kind way to learn all about you, helping your children to have better emotional communication, guiding them on how to listen to their own inner higher, guidance. QUESTIONS THAT ARE FREQUENTLY ASKED

If you don't have love and you have money, then love is your focus and relationships. If you have love and no money, money becomes the focus. When people have both, after a while if they are not feeding their souls spiritually, or emotionally and intellectually their mind turns inwards and starts to eat at their own happiness, destroying world that they have created. Turning small issues, and thoughts into amazingly huge problems.  

I sometimes wonder are we designed as such to be so determined to eat when hungry, when full, when content and when we have manifested all our bucket lists, all of our dreams have come true? Are we are not aware of our evolution ?, asking our selves," I am happy or do I like my life " It's hard if your life is full, and you are forever hungry, to see the wood from the trees, where do you start? We all know that the mind needs a path it needs to be fed, if you don't feed your mind, you are asking for problems, issues that can quickly appear, as if from no where.Balance is not hard to do,its an ongoing practise that requires checkng in with yourself,the Tarot cards can help with this,helping you to understand what it is you need to look at, in the now,from the past maybe? that is effecting you in your life currently,moving you forward into the future with guidence on how to feed your mind.

From my experience as a card reader (which also like the mediumship and the other abilities that i possess ) tarot spans a big period of time in my life.Having practised the art of reading the Tarot cards, since I was 12, 13 years old. By the time I was 17 I was professionally working in a centre in Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Now i am called by professionals in my industry a "Psychic Noah" - which is given by people in my field to a person whose experience is over 35 years in practice, in the wellness and holistic industry's. It's a compliment but not to be taken lightly because our experience level is not always positive or loving, as a light worker. We have dealt with good and very bad situations and circumstances along the spiritual path that we have chosen. Called in because of our years of experience in the field of personal development, not everyone is kind.There are many types of people on the planet, and working with Tarot you soon learn to understand that the information is not as you thought from the cards, but from the reader, and the client.

Tarot for me is a visual aid that just allows me to do my stuff- to use my abilities with speed and use a completely different language, with clients, which is different from the other types of spiritual work I do. 

It is the language of Tarot that is descriptive and clear, and really a very visual tool. The cards help the clients to focus and yet helps them go into another space of calm and a meditative creative world, opening a portal for information to come through. People like Tarot because of its old roots - it is considered ancient and powerful, there is a fun aspect to it.One of the first things i was taught as a child when using the Tarot cards was to understand that you need to close them off, after you have opened them up, this includes closing off yourself as you are the portal. 

Most importantly the information is helpful and the guidance can be life-changing, even if at first if you do not register what the colourful pictures are saying to you, you will walk away after closing them off, placing them in a silk cloth, and placing them in a wood box, protecting your cards from outside energies. Thoughts and feelings that carry with you long after your cards are put to beds to speak.It sinks in and your mind starts to compute the reading, the session and the process is still working. 

There is an after effect with this, clients feel a positive energy and an empowering electrical charge that leaves you just feeling good, from a Tarot session.It is an ideal way to search for an answer, or guidance on any question. You might have, and you can learn to use the cards as a personal tool to develop and coach yourself.

I see Tarot as a very grounded tool, like rune stones or reading tea leaves. Something about Tarot that says " it's about life on this planet and nature, all the elements, of living, hate, love, cruelty, kindness ". The cards are aligned with nature, and the spirits that reside in the trees, flowers, earth.Realm's that exist that are only seen by a few, resonate with the cards, in the planes of multiple dimensions, where elements dominate.. Magic in life - the magic that exists in everything the tarot speaks to the kingdoms of animals, and mythical beings,... building sparks of light that bridge the gap between humans and the divine universal energy, these light vibrations are magical and angelic in form.

Claire will deal with the distant past that is long gone, the recent past the last three months that have passed on by. The near future, moving three months into the future firsthand then move forward into twelve months, onto the next two to three years. The final outcome is never the sole ending as the next card is waiting to be pulled, and that's what makes Tarot magical.

Tarot is a little Magic in your life ! CONTACT US AT

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