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Spirit Rescues

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

A call comes in to our office, " I need help, can you help my family? " This is how a spirit rescue starts, from a call or email.  The conversation is always about disturbances in their home and how the individuals within the family are being affected. In some cases - targeted by a spirit or sometimes by many spirits.In some cases bullied, physically attacked.

Just like in our world where adults can be very nasty beings and have a very negative attitude, towards other people and children.

So can Spirit, the dead do not always know they have passed, or even have a clue how to pass into the light. " They're lost " 

This is our job to be the spiritual mediators, communicating between the living in our world and the dead that are confused. These calls, emails are desperate and these people and families need serious help !. Having tried many other ways to get rid of their unwanted house guest's, including brining in religion in the form of a priest.With some individuals using their own intuition to attempt to communicate to the dead. The spirit can often have their own ideas and starts to show its character as in "I am not leaving". The discombobulated dead person starts to shout out loud "Get out"...these are common in these situations at lot more than you would think.

We can help - our mission is to help them, to move on, to pass over into the light.

If they do not wish to leave the home where you live, we talk to them, if a harmony can be reached where both the dead and the living can agree to live in peace, that's great. Not all cases have happy endings, in the department of the home or on the other side in the world of the spirit land. In cases where the entities are not human in origin, but a mass of super negative energy also known as demonic entities.We will bring into these homes a team as strength needs numbers and experts to help the families, and all those being affected, attacked and bullied by these kind of energies.

Each case is unique and our goal is to get results, even if the results are we have to walk away. We will use many tools, including religious symbols, we have a profound sense of God, as we work throughout your home, with your family.

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