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Rescue Mediums

The dead often are just trying to get closure and a message through. Banging cupboards...throwing objects..."I am here"..."I can see you"..."Why can't you see, hear me...?"

This is the dead - I would like to say "Oh, it's only a few homes, houses, work places or land..."'s not. Spirits, ghosts are everywhere all the time. Our priority is in this case your experience of the happenings and noises in your space. But in truth, the reality and if I am truthful, rescue mediumship is geared to and for the dead first. A service orientated to helping those poor souls stuck in limbo in their pain, suffering over and over like a repeating pattern.

Their souls, in "their" own mind; consciousness in death; stuck in a rut or heavy emotional state that is sad, traumatic and angry.

Dark figures, shadows and feelings of heavy painful in my chest - this is not always a physical symptom of a real medical condition. Although our rescue mediums would address the reality of a possible health condition and issues if not known consciously to them - but primarily investigate the soul stuck in your space. Our goal is to open that portal and through that door into that God space. Where love, healing, beautiful bright white light is. Rest, healing, loved ones and oneness - connected to the light and free to choose in the after life, just as in life.

Their next experiences, as a soul. 

We will work with the human people in that space. Bringing awareness and comfort as most of these cases the clients have found us, called us. These are the clients, people, that say "I want to help this ghost, this soul."

"I want to help them pass into the light."

"They are so very sad, in pain."

"Please, how do you help them to cross?"

These are the clients and individuals that want to help the souls. That reside in their home, to pass in to the light, with peace.

We can do this.

We will bring research - once we understand the case. But first with the given information of your location, your name(s) and need, what you want to do to help this soul, and shadow figures you see. Or repeating energies, that keep you awake at night. That you see out of the corner of your eye in your living room. 

On location, we will walk around and chat with you - gathering psychic and mediumship knowledge about the situation. Next is a lockdown on site - bringing in a team and technology for our purpose to help and understand the soul stuck in the fabric of your walls.

Our Findings

After our lockdown and already having helped the soul over into the light, we will sit with you and do a review of our findings. Our physical research connected to the homes past and the land, surrounding areas history. With artist impressions and sketches of spirit portraits, visual impressions we have received and physically researched evidence.

This is Rescue Mediums.

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