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Rescue Mediumship with Claire Graham

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The dead often are just trying to get closure, and a message through. Banging cupboard doors, slamming bedroom doors as hard as they can, knocking on walls, and floors...throwing objects and pushing people at walls, " I am here, i can see you " the ghosts say !

This is the dead, and in most cases interacting with the living, through physical acts, and disembodied sounds. I would like to say " Oh, it's only a few homes, houses, work places or land.. that's haunted.".. but it's not, and that is not the truth, or reality of a lot of hauntings. Spirits and ghosts are everywhere, all of the time, watching and in most cases the dead know everything !. Our priority as Rescue Mediums, is in such case's, to investigate your personal experience's, of the spooky happenings in your home. Noises in the night those knocks on door's from invisible soul's. At home, you know that there is no one else present, in your home thats living that is!, every one living is out. You feel watched, followed from room to room, a ghostly presence pursuing you, and you can feel them!. These are some of the experiences people report when there is a lost soul, that is asking for help. Rescue mediumship is geared towards helping the dead first, then the living. This is a service orientated to helping those poor souls, that are stuck in the second world in a dimension called, limbo. Trapped sometimes in their own pain, suffering, and living in a state of confusion, in-prisoned by their own beliefs, living in a dead nightmare, over and over again.Their soul, is held and limited by " their own mind " with the conscious awareness that death is now not the end.This is a shock for them. Locked in a rut, the heavy emotional state of being, that they start to feel, and it is of great sadness. It is a very traumatic state for them to be in, feeling angry at the knowledge of not being dead completely, and in some cases that death was not the big sleep that they had yearned for. But a transition onto other planes and other dimension's, and now they're pissed off, confused, angry, and need help!.

Dark figures, black shadows and feelings of a " deep pain, holds steadfast in my chest " i do not understand where this feeling has come from?. This is not always a physical symptom of a real medical condition, it could be the lost soul in your home. We call these types of souls, that get too close, to a living persons energies, JUMPERS. Although our rescue mediums would address the reality of a possible health condition, not known consciously to the client, or to the medium in the beginning of investigating a case. We would discuss, underlying health conditions that you have knowledge of. It may not be the pain of the living in certain cases that you are feeling, within your home, but the dearly departed. Our primarily investigation, will focus on the soul that is stuck in your space. Our goal is to open that portal, and go through that door, into that God space, to find out who or what is wanting to communicate, with you and therefore also us?. That light contains, love, healing, that beautiful bright white light, it is the source that knows everything, and has knowledge of everything, to do with every soul on our planet. That is incarnate or that has departed. Rest and healing await for the dead, that live in your home with you, and your loved ones. Who just want to pass a message on to you, and your family. With a little help, peace and happiness, can be restored, taking your home and the trapped soul out of the darkness, lifting you home back into the light again.The oneness that is felt after the rescue mediums, have done their job, is felt by both the living and the dead, that alignment with the other dimensions, within the light, that is connected to the divine light.Is what we call as rescue mediums...............

" The God Source " Once the dead have passed into the light, they are free to choose, in the after life, wether they want to become consciously aware or not, of how they want to operate, in the after world !, just as in life !, the choice is theirs to make.

Their next experience, as a soul, is guided most of the time, by those family members, who have long since passed over into the light, who often come into the second world, and into the very real world of limbo, to pick them up, and walk them over, into the light, to receive healing, and in most cases to feel love again. 

We will work with the living people, in that space, and home, location. Bringing awareness and comfort to the clients. The dead within their house, have found away to guide the living, to contacting us as rescue mediums, and they have found us, calling us through the owners, of the abode, talking through the living, speaking as the dead. All of those souls, that so often, get earth bound, enslaved by their own fear's, people who once lived as you and i do now, who now need angels to help them, to pass over into the ethers, with love and light. Who are indeed lost, stuck still in the first world of physically reality. Clients who are sensitive to the spirits, and feel that they need help and guidance, from a medium, are often lead to look for rescue mediums. " I want to help this ghost, this soul,

I want to help them pass into the light,

we feel that they, are so very sad, and suffering in pain!

we want to help, them to cross over "

These are the clients and individuals that want to help, with the lost souls. That reside in their home's, to pass in to the light, with love, peace, kindness, healing. Some of these clients, can often have abilities of their own. " We can help you and your lost spirits "

We will bring along historical research, once we understand the case. But first we need, the information that you have collected, about your location, plus your name(s) and your story of the ghostly encounters, and we will go from there. Then it is about what you need ?, and what you want ?, to do to help this soul. Also our priority, is to listen, to your needs and wants, as not all home owners, want a friendly ghost in their home, or in some cases, some people do not want their resident spirits, to move them on, in to the light. As it is your home after all. We are there to help, both you, and the dead.

Negative shadowy dark figures, are seen every where, in your house, violent ghosts roam, you feel that you are being attacked, by the dead. We will deal with all of these issues, helping you and your ghost's, to find peace. Recurring energies keep you awake at night, they could be residual in nature, this also would be addressed. Maybe you're seeing out of the corner of your eye, black dark figures, that hang in corners, of your living areas, moving around your home, making you feel very uncomfortable, and scared. Claire and Our Rescue mediums, will make contact with the ghosts, and start the process, of moving them out of your space, making sure that they understand, that it is your living space, and your home now, not there's.  

On location, we will walk around, and chat with you, gathering psychic and mediumship knowledge, about the situation. Next is a lockdown on site, we will bring in a team, and technology, which we will use, to gather as much data, and evidence, about your haunting, as we can.

Helping you to understand everything, about your ghosts, that are living with you, and your family. Collecting information that we can gather, as physical evidence, along with all of our rescue mediums, personal experiences. We will document the history, of the investigation, and the story of the soul, that's stuck, in the fabric of your walls.

Our Findings

After our lockdown, and already having helped the soul, to pass over into the light. We will sit down with you, and do a review of our findings. Present to you, all of our physical research, that is connected to your home, and you're ghosts. Along with the documented history, of the surrounding lands, in the area that you reside in. Claire is a natural, psychic and medium, she is also a talented psychic sketch artist.

A psychic artist's, impression's, of the spirit's that reside in your home, will bel drawn, and portraits of the dead will be made. Sketches of scenes, of what the mediums, are experiencing, within your home will be done. Showing clients, what Claire, and our rescue mediums, are seeing, feeling, and hearing, in their encounter's, with your spooky guests. All of information, that we have gathered, during the investigation, will be shown to the clients, and discussed, from our findings at the final review. " This is Rescue Mediumship " Love and light

Claire Graham

PLEASE CONTACT US AT or telephone us on ( 852 ) 96637730

Ask for Claire Graham.

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