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Psychic Kids

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

" My room, doesn't smell good mum, there are bad horrid smells, i don't know where its coming from ? " " I don't want to play in my bedroom, I don't feel safe mum, I feel watched all the time, in there, but there's nobody they're mum " " I can't tell anybody, or even talk to my parents, about what i am experiencing " " It's every night, and she is a smart ghost ". " She can do things, and move stuff, she walks around my room, and then goes out of my bedroom, down the stairs.To the old post office our front parlour, where she bangs around, and i can hear her all night. And now her sister is doing bad, terrible things to herself in my bedroom, i know that they, both dead, it's so scary, to watch them every night. 

That's our, front parlour, a second living room, with an old fire place and a comfortable dusky pink sofa with a television set next to the fire place.It gets really cold in there, icy cold and you can see your breath, it's not even cold outside. Its so freezing cold, and i don't want to tell my parents, that one of the ghost ladies is stood in the room with us, when we are in that front room. In the front of the house, facing the road there's a huge bright fire engine red post box, it's really old and says 1800 and something on it. My room has black wooden beams on the ceiling, with white bits in-between. I am over the top of the very old post office, up the stairs, above the cold haunted room.The vintage bright red post box sits outside facing the country road, proudly placed among all of the red bricks, in the center of the house, that was once a larger property, now split up into a semi detached home. Two ladies, two sisters walk through the wall from next door, every night. " I can't sleep, I feel so very uncomfortable with the ghosts, i feel sick all the time, its so strange, and i am very afraid of them "

" They do not like me, both of them, those two women, and they will not talk, to me "

" I have tried to speak to them, like i have done before, with the other dead people, but these ladies are not friendly at all "   " She is so sad the older one, so unhappy, she hurts herself, every night, and i have to watch unless i put my head under the blankets " " She walks through the wall, into my room, gets a rope and hangs herself, over and over again " " She is all a alone, doing this, hanging herself from my black wooded beams, but she is not alone when she walks into my bedroom, from the wall at the end of my room. The other women is with her !, and I know that there sisters " " The younger one sees me, and hears me, she walks around our home all night, and now is around during the day time too " " I can see her " " She moves things, fills my bed with knifes, and forks, spoons, then makes my bed back up, so i can't see what she has put inside my bed, under the covers " " I do not want to get into my bed, without my cat, for protection, Moonie my black cat " Whom i am talking to, about the two ghostly sisters. I am not talking to my parents, not until later, when both of my parents have started to experience more in the old post office, having their own spooky ghostly encounters, then i will speak to them. There was another invisible person a spirit, who i could see, and talk to, who was my friend and he became my protector, my guide. Who i confided in, and who is still very much present today in my adult life. " He was not scary "

This happened to me as a child, every night in our house in Cheshire, in the United Kingdom, the house which was built on an ancient Roman settlement. One house, that was split into two in the 1950s. Back in the 1800s, it was a working post office run by two women, two sisters.  I was seven years old, living in a very haunted house, i suffered a lot, most of the time to afraid to go to the bathroom, and most of the time, sleep deprived by the two loathing sad sisters. Who made my life a nightmare as a child. My solution was not to sleep until, it was time for school, most mornings i was so tired i did not eat, or remember to change from my PJs, into my school uniform. I just put my school clothes on top of my Pjs and off we went to our local village school, in a country post card picturesque hamlet. I could still see her, feel her, and physically see her, she was at times completely solid. And at other times invisible, as she went wandering all around our dwelling. Many times appearing as a full bodied apparition, appearing all over the cottage. " Her power was fear, fear over me, her reign of terror, in her territory ". At times her force was weakened by the other members of my family in our home, the contractors, who were working on our abode. My uncle Geoff and his burley crew, all of them were having experiences inside, the 800 year old cottage.The two sisters, now determined to cause my uncle as much grief as they possible could, and they did !.

My solution was, whenever i came home from school, was to go next door, to a kind older couple called Nellie and Jim. As far as I was concerned from a child's perspective i was safe with them. It was not a normal experience, that I was having at that very young age, seeing, hearing, and feeling, talking to so many dead people. And so i started to talk to Nellie and Jim. " I now know the difference between Grumpy dead people, and kind dead people " The kind ones, i could talk to them, and the really horrid ones, who were evil, and scary i would ignore. In my room at home there was both types of dead people. One was like a movie that repeated over and over, she did the same act every night. At first so i thought, but later that would prove to be not the truth, i was still learning to understand my abilities, therefore seeing and talking to the dead was complicated. The other younger women was intelligent, clearly knowing what she was doing, scaring me, trying to drive us out of our home. She was beginning, to piss me off. The two victorian sisters, one older, one younger, both dressed in long dresses, fitted jackets, hair piled up upon their heads in tidy buns, after a while, they became a pain for me, annoying me, and i made a choice to be brave and comfort them !.  

My mother only recently told me that so many things happened in that cottage, " no kidding i thought ! ". That she and my dad, and uncle had had, so many paranormal experiences in that house. Carpets being rolled up, and thrown across the room, after being laid down by the contractors, and my uncle. Beds, blankets, sheets being pulled off, then folded neatly, placed at the end of the bed. So spooky was this house, my parents would not go in after dark, while they were renovating the home. When the blackness of the northern night's fell, no body wanted to go inside. We were living on site in a humongous caravan, in the garden of the property, while the extension, was being built. The contractors who would leave before it became spooky, and dark, as dark as could be.These big men, were strong and men that if you bumped into them, down a dark street in the north, you would walk the other way. Too terrified to stay, leaving right before the sun went down. I did not know that the grown ups at that time, had been encountering paranormal experiences, dealing with very bad, and dark energies. All of them started to have very empty dark depressing thoughts, and heavy sad feelings. Hearing disembodied voices inside the property almost every day shouting at them. As they worked against the seasons, to get the work done before winter set in. " GET OUT " shouted the two invisible women. And so they bloody well did every night. " We're Bloody well off ! had enough of this "

Our lack of understanding, created more fear, which in turn encouraged the two sisters to ram up the activity more, they were feeding off the fear.

My parents simply did not want to address this, and what was happening within our home, the two sisters were just to terrifying as ghosts. I was the black sheep in the family, my dad often treated me as if i was a weirdo, calling me a prima-donna, he would tell me to stop being a hypochondriac, i was 7 years olds. Actually I didn't know either of those two words, or what they meant, let alone know how to spell them !. Even though all of the adults in the house, had similar experiences to me, everything was swept under the carpet. Hidden away, not spoken about at all, only the odd comment, muttered out really loud, or in a mumbled voice. I see this kind of thinking now, as denial on their parts, obviously !.I did understand that both my parents were very young. But i did not really care, I wanted them to talk to me, and protect me, and " move us " now !, far far away from the mad post office sisters.

" I would think please! " just move us.

It was a very sad because children suffer in these situations, i did a lot, and i still remember that haunting to this day, clearly because i am writing about it. Lots of children have these experiences, these trauma's and it is a very traumatic experience as a child. When you are doing you're best to understand your own life, let alone two dead " Ghostly Sisters ". In choosing to keep quiet their experiences with the dead the ghostly hauntings silent, for fear of people calling them freak's my parents made harder, than it needed to be, for all of us. And so I learnt to internalise the whole experience, withdrawing somewhat, but continuing to see the dead. If your child is lucky, and blessed they will encounter sentient beings as i did, who stepped in and helped me to understand my abilities, guiding me to be powerful, to have confidence and self-esteem in my own power, as a psychic child. I applaud any parent or guardian, or sibling who says " I believe you, let's do something, about this haunting " . Taking the time to listen to their children, talking to them, it helps to feel supported, and it is the first step, to finding a solution.

" Let's get help, now! " Is the other, kindness and compassion, that children need, support is so important in these circumstances. The supernatural haunting

Is what adults experience, and ignore.

This is what children experience also, and cannot ignore!.

If your child tells you there's an invisible person, a ghost, it's not always in their imagination, it could be a real haunting, with very real, dead person and not all of the dead are good. Please, listen to them, listen to your children, they could have psychic capabilities, or be an empath, or a naturally born medium. " Your children are telling the truth "

I am not saying every case, to do with kids having psychic or mediumship talents, is. But it is possible your child has abilities, it possible that your child could out grow this spooky stuff, going through phases is a part of life. There are lot's of kids with special predisposition's and it's worth investigating, what type of power they have and it is very much like having a super power, that you can not understand, or control," yet ". It's worth listening, its worth taking proactive action, your child's health is at risk if you do not. Learn to be consciously aware, in every way, that you can, for your child, and for yourself, growth is important and you will grow in these situations. Educating yourself and your child, can be scary, learning all about these strange and wonderful subjects. In the world of the paranormal, and spirit hauntings its all about the enquiring mind ! 

Here is a list of what most psychic kids go through every day and night, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

1.  Fear of being in a space or location, alone

2.  Feeling isolated, all the time. 

3.  Bullied (by what?) by an invisible force.

4.   It's not that easy to make friends, too scared to be found out, that they can see, hear, and feel, the dead.

5.   Constantly not feeling well, from vibrational energies from the dead, from the stress of the experience.

6.   Hates the dark.

7.   Can't sleep alone.

8.   Is pinched, scratched, slapped, bruised and pulled, by dead people.

9.   Wakes up all night, having not slept at all. 10. School, studies start to suffer, or doesn't want to go at all, they're now too vulnerable.

11. Stops eating.

12. Would rather be with adults and older people.

13. Can't connect to many people.

14. Needs the light and lots of noise, or wants complete silence.

15. Has severer anxiety.

16. And is being abused, by the dead

" This is what you're psychic, medium's, empathic, kids are going through "

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LOVE AND LIGHT Claire Graham

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