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Psychic Kids

My room is old, it doesn't smell old - only at night does it change - but in the day I do not want to play there. I do not feel safe, I feel watched but there's nobody there. I can't tell anybody or talk to my parents. It's hard because it's real. It's every night and she is smart - she can do things and walks around my room then out down the stairs to the post office. 

That's our first living room with an old fire place and a nice sofa with a TV - it gets really cold in there. In the front facing the road there's a huge post box - it's really old and says 1800 and something. My old room had black wood on the ceiling with white bits in-between. I am over the top of the cold room and the post box - my room is large with my bed next to a window. On my wall is another house joined to ours but it is not ours. The lady with the other lady walks through the wall every night...every night...I can't sleep - I feel very uncomfortable. They do not like me and will not talk. They are not friendly at all. She is so sad, so unhappy and she hurts herself. She walks in through the wall and gets a rope and hangs herself over and over again. She is alone doing this but not alone when she walks in - there's another lady who sees me, hears me and she walks around our home. I can see her. She moves things and now fills my bed - and then makes my bed back up. I do not want to get into my bed without my cat. 

This happened to me every night in a house in Cheshire, UK which was built on a Roman settlement . One house, split in two and was back in the 1800s a working post office run by two women. I was seven years old inside this house - I suffered and it was a nightmare for me as a child. My solution was not to sleep until it was light / sunrise but I could still see her, feel her...but her power...her reign was weakened by the other members of my family and the contractors (who were my uncle and his work crew.)

My solution was stay out sick or go next door with Nellie and family who lived in the same house next door. As far as I was concerned from a child's perspective they knew us...their bedroom was where the ladies came from. It was not normal as an experience but I had from a young age experienced so many dead people. I now knew the difference between Grumpy (ignore them) or nice ones (talk to them) or really horrid ones. In my room at home there was both types - one was like a movie that repeated over and over. The other was intelligent and clearly knew what she was doing...scaring me and trying to drive us out. In the end she succeeded...we bought another room and moved...where it started again with I can see them...hear them...feel them. The two ladies with the Victorian dresses stayed in that house we moved to and for all I know are still there. 

My mother only recently told me that so many things of a paranormal nature happened including carpets being rolled up, after being laid down by the contractors...beds, blankets and sheets being pulled off. So spooky was this parents would not go in at night and the contractors were gone before dark. I did not know that the grown ups at that time were having scary experiences and experiencing bad feelings including to "get out!"

I, as an adult now know their fear, lack of understanding and lack of education. They simply did not want to address this. I was the black sheep even though all of them had had similar experiences. I see it as denial and very sad because children suffer in these situations. I applaud any parent or guardian, sibling who says "I believe you, let's do something. Let's get help. I want to listen and understand."

This is what adults experience, and ignore.

This is what children experience, and cannot (ignore.)

If your child tells you there's invisible's not their imagination. Listen because they could be psychic, or an empath or a natural medium. 

They are telling the truth!

I am not saying every case but there's a lot and it's worth investigation. It's worth your child's health in every way. 

Here is a list of what most psychic kids go through every day and night:-

1.   Fear to be in a space or location

2.   Isolated 

3.   Bullied (by what?)

4.   Not easy to make friends

5.   Constantly not feeling well

6.   Hates the dark

7.   Can't sleep alone

8.   Is pinched, slapped, bruised and pulled

9.   Wakes tired from not sleeping all night

10. School suffers or doesn't want to go - lack of sleep

11. Stops eating

12. Rather be with adults and older people

13. Can't connect to many

14. Needs the light and noise

15. Anxiety

This is your psychic kids.

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