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Psychic Detectives

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Psychic means to be in tune, to be aware and to be able to see and hear, as in listen !,to feel or trust gut instincts.

Detective? Well !, what's the difference?  In essence not a lot. But our training defines us and our tool-boxes, along with the ability to ask questions with respect and authority, this is exactly the same process. " Only I talk to the dead and the detective talks to the living about the dead ".

We are similar to private investigators and the law enforcement agencies. We all share the ability to look at the case in a detached manor, and listen to the information, evidence that already is known.With the intent at catching important information and looking at details that most people would miss completely. We then go back over the case and filter it throw our tool-box, experience, and learn't knowledge or training. Chucking away, what is still questionable, known in the " Psychic Detective " world as " Debunking " whilst further evolving the line of questioning. Holding onto the facts that are in their true state, that is a part of the overall reality.

In my sessions over the span of 40 years, most of which has been spent in Hong Kong, working in this field, with international clients from around the world. I am often asked to locate individuals, missing either for long period's of time or that have newly disappeared.

Then there are the murder cases, desperate family members who have come to a full stop in the information, and the research has all dried up.Having worked with law enforcement or private investigators.These families continue to look for new information, and any leads that can help in their search for their missing loved ones.  The first thing I do is sit in a session with the clients.This type of case-work requires psychic and mediumship work. Empath and psychometric skills, are used in a lot of these cases.  

All of the cases are confidential. So I can tell you how I work and what is required from me, and a loose outline of some of the work I have done. Which includes finding your furry family members ( animals ) that have gone missing.  The most important aspect in these cases for me, is kindness!. It is beyond being a counsellor, a psychologist, and requires extremely good diplomatic skills. " KINDNESS in one word ".

From the client's perspective it's about finding their loved ones, sister, brother or child.And getting more information for them, providing them with new leads, that they can hand over to the police or to the other authorities, that are involved which normally includes global detectives.

I work with detectives in collecting data, and information for the police to follow up on. To do so I need to meet with the individuals and the families, if possible to go to their homes, and the location where the missing person ( persons ) were last seen. But if needed, I can also do remote viewing, and use psychometry; Along with empath skills, mediumship. Using recent photographs of the missing subjects and loved ones, to locate them.

Once i am tuned in with the clients, i will move into a space ( in vibration and energy, frequency ) where that person last was.So if you can imagine stepping into their energy; finding their spirit ( consciousness ) trail; and physical body imprint, that's been left in and on the location ( STONE TAPE THEORY ).  All of us leave a trail, and that's what I look for, using my spirit guides, and the missing person's spirit angels, and their loved ones that have passed on into the spirit-world. 

Then the work starts and the communication begins, from the living to the dead, and back to the living. Working with law enforcement is a bridge and is hugely helpful to a psychic detective, as our combined efforts and talents can really get results. 

We work to bring the invisible to the visible, and justice when needed. Not all the cases can have closure, and some are left, cold in the light of this reality. The information gathered, brings a sense of connection to what they already know, that their loved one, is still living or in some cases that they have passed away. The validation of their own gut instincts, and that there not alone in the search, to discover the truth.

There are people like myself on this planet, who make the commitment to do and continue to help, as many of these families, and not give up until there's some peace and understanding. It is a process that is loaded with emotion, intelligence, healing and learning. If I had lost one of my loved ones, and they had vanished, I would not hesitate to seek the help of my friends that are practitioners in my field, who work along side law enforcement and private detectives.

Hope personally is not a word I like to use, in these cases hope is the word that keeps them going...and it would be so for me, and because I am a human being, I get that !.

Can I detach? "Yes i can “ even with my own loved ones. I put this down to the abilities that I have, and all the work that I have done over the years with clients. It's a role!, and a huge part of me, but not all of me. It's not a way of life or a life style. It's a calling. " That I have to do it " . 


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