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My life as a Psychic

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

I wake and walk every day and night in a psychic world. My days are filled with insights, visions of what's coming, voices that ask "did you hear?"

Pictures arrive in colour as movies or stills in a flash sometimes leaving a lingering haunting picture...with a feeling and a sense of knowing...a connection to Spirit, to that Soul, to that person.

As an empath, using my psychic abilities touch becomes important. A photo holds so much more than just an image of a loved one - its a plug that uploads to me the soul of the person. I can then access all the information needed by "their humans" as I fondly call them. These loved ones and friends then have a chance to ask me a psychic energy question.

Premonitions and visions are a regular event in the life of a psychic. Many people, adults and children alike experience these feelings sometimes.

As a child I took it as normal the visions...the conversations and pictures... This was normal to me.

The other people outside of our family - friends / others were the ones who seemed strange to me. Psychics are a different species like cat from dog...that's all a psychic is...a different species.

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