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Mediumship Development

Updated: Mar 24

I feel blessed, having the abilities i have now. Although as a child I had encounters, with the dead, that were, in anybody's terms horrid. 

I had my Grandma and Oonga, her psychiatric nurse friend. An Irish lady, who was tall and imposing, and not shy in the least, who used her grand stature. The type of chatty person, you could meet occasionally, nowadays. Who you would, have to agree with, even though you don't agree with her at all !. A slightly scary women, who was full of life. A woman who guided me as a child, to understand my abilities, and develop boundaries. Learning through social interaction, to trust myself, to know, just when, too shut up !.

Oonga taught me, there are people, that understand a lot to do with, the world of the dead, but that they, do not, want to think about this subject at all. And those, who are born, with these abilities, that have to learn, very early on. That there are boundaries, that need to be learn't.

Technology has driven people, to become more isolated. Socially, people just are not, as friendly, or as kind, as they used to be. Computers, phones, iPads, have to some degree, effected peoples manners. The lack of effort, to help others, is astounding, to be kind without a reason, or drum up, a spontaneous conversation, is almost none existent, these's days.

It's hard enough being a psychic, medium at times, or an empath. Now add in, our technology based life style, too that equation. The information overload is happening !. I don't live in a world, like the movie " Castaway " portrayed, with a football, as friend, or a diet of seaweed, fish and coconuts ! My world is fast, and competitive, hard, tiring and forever moving, and moving, so quickly, i have to slow everything down, now.

It is not complicated. When I feel the outside world, i think " WOW and OMG ", I need to go and rest, in my iso tank, get home as quickly, as i can, hide, and recharge. It's not about, anything material, or emotional, it's about the pace of life, the noise that's every where. Now my understanding of the " Faster, Quicker World ", my connection to my rock, is quiet. I have worked on, building a solid foundation, for my self-esteem, to grow on and in, at my pace. But it is constantly, in need of tweaking, in todays environment. Now developed after all the inner work, that i have done, on my self, it is now, under some what, of a siege, from the outside world. 

Meditation, exercise, eat, and eat healthily. Do I slow down?. I'm not really sure, but I can get my rock, that i have built, back on track, with kindness, working to stabilise it again, getting back on track. It's a filter system, a process and self imposed journey. Reconnection does not mean, more, it does mean less. I think, and i feel, it's a natural state of being, that's in danger of being lost, and forgotten. Being yourself, " know you to thy spirit ", you're psyche, to be in spirit. Living In vibrations and energies, that are kind, and supportive, assisting you, a you're learning.

Mediumship and psychic development, or working with any sensitive, having these abilities is just this, it requires, a kind of supportive system. Where you are taught, with the old fashioned technology, your mouth. Communication is where we can explore, your talents, and gifts.Those abilities, that in a safe secure environment, and using tools such as talking, and expression. Can be turned into creative energies. We learn through developing our rock within, to create an unbeatable, unshakeable foundation, and by developing filter systems, that will grow, with you as you travel through life. 

To develop and understand yourself is hard. It takes not only, time, but a commitment to find the right teachers, along with connecting you, to your spirit guides, and an understanding of all the various tools, that are amiable for you. Mediumship and psychic work, no matter what your age is, can be very rewarding. But it is not, an easy subject, to talk about. You will need to connect, and resonate, align, to those like yourself. The truth is, you will find them, but only if you are brave, face your fears, look and make appointments, go on those courses, go to free talks, and attend the groups. It takes commitment, too grow, and evolve into the strong brave, individual that you are, that we all, have inside of us. 

You are not alone, you have to seek, people who have conscious awareness. You are worth it, and the feeling, you will get, when resonating, with like minded people, whom radiate kindness, and are good communicators. Who care, who give a damn, about you, even if they do not know you, this is what, mediumship, and psychic work is all about. 

I care about everyone. I have the energy to do so. And, I will give as much of that kind, positive energy, as i can. What I ask for in return, is that you, trust you, and learn about you, as much as you can. You are that important, to me, and you need, to be this important to you. 

This is where a development circle starts, and it never ends. You pick the place, you choose how much, you can handle. We are all about, empowerment, kindness, healing and the light.

There is no weakness, only strength in being brave. Confronting your fears, looking at your abilities, and saying to yourself, " I AM NOT LIVING, IN FEAR ANY MORE ". Let's learn how to control, your abilities, how to say NO, to spirit at times, to be able to say " GO AWAY ". To be the leading authority, in your life, and world. To be a star, on your stage, the leading lady, or man, living as an adult, confronting your haunted childhood, without fear. 

Let's call it the star mediumship, psychic, development circle. And leave that fear, behind!

Love & Light Claire Graham

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