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Mediumship, Auntie Millie's Story.

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Auntie Millie said " Hello Claire, tell your Mum, " I am ok ", it was an accident ".

There was some more to the conversation, but I was 12 years old, on a mission of some sort, running out of the Swiss Cottage.

This old style tacky palace (Versailles) gold, and more gold phone, with its hand painted, Marie Antoinette porcelain centre. Seemingly had just done, the most amazing phone call. 

As a Medium, I consider my self, to be somewhat of a telephone, and an operator, taking messages from Souls, to pass on, to their beloved Humans.

Auntie Millie had passed away in a chair, in her living room, in her sleep. In her efforts, to sleep, and relax, she had forgotten completely, that she had already taken sleeping aids. Loving a wee tipple, of whisky at night, after her long day, running her large hotel, the combination gave her, the rest she so badly wanted, permanently.

She clearly wanted someone to know, that person was me. She had passed away earlier that afternoon, but no one, had found her. My grandma Kathleen, ( her sister ) later that evening found her. In her chair, having passed away earlier. When my Grandma, called to inform my Mother, that Millie had passed away, she said " I know, Claire has told me already " . My Gran said " that's not possible, we just found her, and she's been dead a while "." She couldn't have telephoned you ", when she was alive. My Mother who has had, psychic and mediumship abilities, all of her life, was afraid of her abilities, my Gran was not.

As a Psychic we deal with a lot, as a Medium we see, feel, and hear, dead people, all of the time.

I told a friend recently, " they're here with us, just with no physical body, and they're here, all the time ". " Some are not in the Light ". " Some walk around, like us, eating, sleeping, sitting down having a rest, and go to work, or even are still, doing the washing up ".

Children know this, especially those who are perceptive. Children that are, psychics, mediums, and empaths, have this knowledge, of the dead walking around in our world.

As we develop our abilities as mediums, we ask to our inner selves. How may I serve ?,

How may I help ?.

It's a question of knowing, as you develop as a medium, not a written question mark.

I continue to speak to my Auntie Millie, see her often. Grandma Kathleen, and they're mother, my great grandma Mary, and many of my loved ones, who have passed away into the light. Who guide me, even from the ethers. I refer to them, as some of my loved ones who are with me, as " Team Claire ", as I refer to them with love. Love & Light Claire Graham Contact us at

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