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Life Coaching & Species Coach

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

I learnt how to be a life coach, in 2011, on a 13 month course out of Canada, and i loved every minute of the learning experience, adding coaching to my skills.

Why did I do it ?

My process involves language, the language of the body, soul, mind, and emotional communication. Having an understanding on, how to talk to clients, is important. But it is not, how as a psychic, medium, works. Or how i access, the clients information. I use my energy, to plug my self, into there being. Now aligned and resonating, on a similar frequency to my client, i can access all the information that is needed. As an incarnate soul, living on this planet earth, i needed to expand my tool box, filling it with as many various, technologies, as i could. In this case, in the form of learning, the language of coaching. I needed tools to grow. I was not looking to be a professional life coach, solely. I was aware, that as a Medium and Psychic, having worked in the wellness and holistic industry, for over 38 years. That the work, that I do, and the World, that i was living in, was changing very fast. People were getting smarter, clients were becoming more aware, and the old style of your granny, next door, that kind of dogma, and perception of a medium, and psychic, was not going to cut it any more. It was long gone, into the ethers, with the spirits, and from an era, that was after all, back in the day ! 

In Asia, where the fast paced life, is hectic and every day, is full of questions. There are intelligent people, who look for guidance. A global revolution, of huge growth is happening, with people no longer content, with what you see, is what you get !. And now, in search of individuals, who could help them !. In a world, that is forever changing, and shifting. That we participate in.

Paradigm shifts, don't just happen, with huge major, life situations, changes, events and people any more. They're constant, as if the world and the space around us, has become one big giant portal, of a vibrational frequency. And it's happening, wether you like it, or not, " the universe has spoken ". " We are not alone; in 11:11 creation mode; in the beginning "

So evolution, is rapidly happening, with individuals, looking at their own lives. All of these people, are trying to make sense of it all !, looking for peace, and contentment, and all of that good stuff, in life, that humanity has to offer.

My clients are getting, more, and more, intelligent, " In making, good choices ". They're fire within, to grow, and evolve is massive. Demands on all people, in every aspect, of their creations, that they call their lives, had gone mad ! in todays world.

And so I learnt a different language, a language that resonated with me. That at times, seemed only to be in the mind, and intellectual in its learning. Having done NLP, and got somewhat obsessed with conversational hypnosis. I went back to the basics, after my coaching course. Back to spirit, and back to aligning, with light energies, and God particle frequencies.

What is a Species Coach ? We are only a small part, of what makes up the Cosmos, and the universe. A species coach, embraces the differences on our planet, and off our planet, keeping an, open mind that, " WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE ".

Coaching is not more, Coaching is not selling you change either! Coaching is about manifesting, it is about resonating with you !, and all about the, power of the subconscious mind, you're inner rock !, your inner language !, and how you vibrate, on a frequency, on this planet. It is a powerful tool, for your soul, for your life, and for shaping, your inner worlds, and your outer lifestyle. In truth, coaching is the most selfish thing, you can do, as it's all about you !. But you will learn that " to be centred, within self, is not selfish ". Learn to reframe, everything, in lay terms that means, to think with conscious awareness, or to lie, to one's self !, a little, white lie. " A famous actor, once said " I told myself a lie, so often, I began, to believe, the lie, as a TRUTH ! ". Quite simply put...

Coaching teaches you tools that empower, and make you more powerful as a human being. Helping you, to reframe more quickly, becoming like a super hero, and its a very magical experience !. REMEMBER !, More, is more powerful, when less !. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU, and IT'S FOOD, FOR YOUR SOUL !. I don't sell, you more, only the star, that you are ! LOVE AND LIGHT CLAIRE GRAHAM CONTACT US AT

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