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Life Coaching & Species Coach

I learnt how to be a life coach in 2011, a 13 month course out of Canada.

Why did I do it?

My process involves language and I needed to expand my technology in the form of coaching language - I need tools to grow. I was not looking to be a professional life coach solely. Just concentrating on only that skill set. I was aware that as a Medium and Psychic the work I do and the World was changing fast and people were getting smarter, more aware, and the old style medium and psychic was not going to cut it any more. 

Especially in Asia, then globally, the world that is forever changing, shifting that we participate in seemed to be traveling in a few years if not seconds - traveling so fast was no longer that reality or world any more.

Paradigm shifts don't happen with huge major life situations and people any more. They are constant as if the world and the space around it has become one big giant portal of vibration, the universe. "We are not alone; in 11:11 creation mode; in the beginning."

So evolution is rapid with individuals and people looking at their own lives, events, circumstances and just everything with any sense of peace or contentment.

The world, my clients are more, more, and more intelligent, their fire, their demands on those around them in every aspect of their creations called their lives was, had gone mad. The pace and questions meant grow or stop doing what you are doing.

And so I learnt a different language - a language that resonated with me, that at times seemed only to be in the mind and intellectual. Having done NLP and got somewhat obsessed with conversational hypnosis I still am, even now, it's a passion.

Coaching is not more.

Coaching is about manifesting, it is about resonating and all about the power of the subconscious mind - your inner rock, your language and how you vibrate on this planet. 

It is a powerful tool to your soul, your life and for shaping your inner worlds - and your outer lifestyle.

In truth, the coaching is the most selfish thing you can do as it's all about you.

But you will learn that to be centered within self IS NOT SELFISH. Learn to reframe everything in lay terms means with conscious awareness - lie to me, lie to myself. A famous actor said "I told myself a lie so often I began to believe the lie as a TRUTH."

Quite simply put...

Coaching teaches you tools that empower with power. To reframe quickly - making your rock, your inner self feel a super hero, hero stuff or magical...!

And lie to yourself.

And ! More is more powerful when less.

It is a powerful tool for your soul and for shaping your inner worlds - and your outer lifestyle.

Everything in lay terms means lie to me, lie to myself.

But not more.

I don't sell you more - only the star that you are !

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