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House Clearings

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

We are literally coming to clean up your ISO tank, your retreat, your home with your family.

Using different methods of healing and technology we will define when, what and if its a threat or just wants to talk. Or maybe a nasty low level energy or merry spirits that want and need attention. Our goal, my objective is always to get your home peaceful and as your and family's space again.

Ownership sounds like a given when we but or rent a home / apartment. It's not...some of us, including myself growing up in houses in the UK...every home was a guaranteed to have a dead person in, a soul, or sometimes a nasty. Layers of history in the UK dictated that our homes were burnt down, rebuilt, had many lives that had lived and passed through the grounds, soil, walls. All of this prepared me as a child and now as an adult to help others. Families in need, children being bothered and attacked by the dead.

Sherryn and I will if needed, come to your home, office and spaces including gardens - and I even work with photos of properties that are overseas. But this is serious work and we do not put the owners of the home in danger - this is real. When a home shifts into light, into a space of God energy, Lifted, Light - "I can breathe" is said. "I feel peace, lightness, like a black darkness has lifted."

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