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House Clearings

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Your retreat, your home with your family, is a sacred space.

Using different methodologies and healing tools, along with latest technologies, we will define, when and what is a threat. It is possible that they just want to talk to you, and have a chat ?. Some can be very nasty, low level energies, that can be very stubborn, and not wanting to pass over, in to the light, into a higher vibration. While others are happy, and very Merry spirits, that just want and need attention. In most cases, all of these souls have messages, that they would like to pass on to the living. Our goal and my objective, is always to get your home back, to a peaceful family space again.

Ownership sounds like a given, of any location, but when we buy, or rent a home, or an apartment, we do not think, that the property could possibly come with, additional features. Not every home is guaranteed to have a dead person haunting their abode, of course !, " The a lost soul " does exist. Layers of history have dictated, that our homes, could have been rebuilt so many times over and over, having had many lives, that have lived and passed through the grounds, buried into the soils, and recorded deep into the walls, know as " Stone Tape Theory ". Having been born a natural psychic and medium, my awareness of the dead, in certain locations was very attuned to anything, that was hanging around, negative or positive, in its nature. Prepared as a very young child, to be able to handle, very traumatic cases, with both the living and the dead, dealing with extremely angry violent ghosts, who insisted that i was the child to talk too. All of these paranormal experience's, those ghostly happenings as a young girl, gave me the foundation to grow upon, developing my skills and building my spiritual toolbox, ready to help others. Working with families that are in need, who are so frightened, by the spirits in their home, and no longer want to stay, in there forever, dream home.

Claire and her team, will come to your home, to your office, and to all of those spaces, that are important in your life. On occasion, Claire will work with photos, of your properties, helping families, who are wanting to understand, what is happening within their home. We take this work, seriously, we will not put the owners of the home, in danger, nasty ghosts are real !. This type of work, can be life threatening, to both the client and our team. After the work has finished, when the home shifts, into a space of light, into a space of God energy. Lifted and Lighter, where, " I can breathe again " is said. " I can feel the peace, and lightness has returned, like a black darkness, has lifted from our home ". Happiness within the family home is returned once again.

Love & Light Claire Graham

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