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Claire's RTHK Interview,Hong kong​​
July 2018
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You can, now have a consultation with Claire, a reading that many have called amazing, profound and life-changing.
Claire provides online sessions, phone reading's and in person consultations for clients.

Claire is a international 
renowned psychic & medium, and
 Intuitive counsellor, who has been working with people from all over the world for over 37 years, in the 
wellness and holistic industry. 
  Consultations that are conducted remotely online, or by phone, are just as accurate as in person sessions.

Love & Light
 Claire Graham

 Contact us at


Do you believe your

house is haunted?  

 Does your house have  strange and scary energies, do you feel watched by an invisible presence? 

 Do you have freezing cold spots, that have no logical explanation.
Or heavy negative energies that seem to occupy your home?
Or spooky dark shadow figures that you see all the time?.
 Is your family coming home to dark unwelcoming feeling?

 Do you have continual issues with electricity, lights flickering, that seem to switch themselves on and off? 
Or taps in your kitchen, and bathroom's  turning on, for no apparent reason, all by themselves.
Even after you have called in the elecrician and plumbers? 

Do you hear unusual disembodied sounds, loud bangs, spooky 
Smell's that cannot be 
explained, logically?
 The dead are every 
where, your home may well be haunted. Most of these souls that are stuck in our physical 
dimension, just
 want to pass a message on to the living.In most of these cases they just need help to cross over into the light, this is where rescue mediumship steps in.

Claire and her team, can help!
For further 
Contact us at


Psychic Detective

Do you have a Missing

Is there an Unsolved

Murder Case?
Do you have a cold case, that you need help  & 

Or a beloved, Missing Pet?

Claire, can come along with her team, to investigate your case. 
Helping you, & your 
family, to find peace of mind.
 Finding people that are lost, or missing.

 Claire and her team of professionals can help you to search for those individuals 
and people that just do not want to be found !
 If you have lost or mislaid  
valuable, and important  
We can help you !

Claire and her team 

  Can Investigate
individual cases, that are based on the clients needs and wants.



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