Your son is not sleeping, his grades are getting worse. Waking up is a struggle and you are having to have conversations with him. He's telling you, "Mum, I have a friend who stands in my room and sits on my bed. I am not scared but I do not understand." 

Your daughter is scared to sleep - living in fear, not eating and will not / refuses to sleep alone. She sleeps in your bed all night with the lights on. You as a parent are scared for your child - you don't understand what's happening to your child, your home and family. 

This is a psychic kid...children with abilities who do not know how to deal with their abilities. Or, children so scared and living in fear. Parents that just want normality but it no longer EXISTS. So you look for help - normally its your MD / tests, then it's counsellors, then psychologists, sometimes mental institutions / hospitals.

The things these kids go through is never as bad as those thoughts parents have that their kid has to be hospitalised.

We will not say, "do not check and confer with your MD" as there may well be for example an underlying medical condition or abuse from school bullies and so on. But we will discuss what plan we can tailor for your child who is the most important aspect in this circumstance and go from there.

Let's help them to live !

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